New Mobile Phone – The vivo Y11 Price

Vivo Y11 Android smartphone was launched in late October, ahead of the international launch of the Nokia E Series and other handsets. The handset has a dual touch screen, which allows multi-tasking. Vivo also offers a large screen, six mega pixels, allowing high definition viewing. The resolution of the screen is not the only feature making this a great device. The phone also features a powerful camera with an impressive resolution.

There are several other features that make up this handset. It features a built-in DECT vivo y11 feature, which allows users to chat verbally within the comfort of their automobiles. In addition, it offers connectivity with wifi hotspots and has GPRS technology. Vivo uses high resolution for its screens and helps in clarity, unlike other smartphones. Buy vivo y11 also features a high-end stereo speaker, which greatly helps in delivering a rich sound.

Buy vivo y11 has a single SIM tray, which allows users to insert a SIM card of any cellular phone. Buy vivo has preinstalled Google Maps and many other applications, which further boost its connectivity capabilities. The handset has a built-in memory and runs on a ROM of 1.3-megabyte. The device has a slot for a micro SD card and it can support cards of any size, from ateen to a sixty-megapixel camera. The large size of the memory helps in saving battery life. The device runs on an Oxygen OS 3.4, which has been preinstalled by Google.

The device features an eight-megapixel rear camera and a four-megapixel front camera. This helps in taking quality selfies, even if you do not have professional cameras. The built-in OBS mode lets you take selfies in normal mode with just a few clicks. The front and rear cameras have no OBS mode, which makes the OBS feature of this smartphone useless.

The built-in pulse oximeter and thermometer add to the good looks of this handset. The price of this phone is affordable and is ideal for an average user, as it is manufactured by a well-known company. The vivo y11 price is twenty dollars in the United States, making it one of the cheapest mobiles in the market.

If you are looking for a new smartphone that has high performance, amazing features and a sleek design at a reasonable price, the vivo y11 is the one for you. The vivid screen and the powerful processor will ensure that you never miss a shot. The built-in music player enables you to enjoy your favorite songs while you are on the go. You can easily upload the photos you have taken using the Gallery. The OBS camera mode will make taking the perfect selfies effortless. You will definitely want to add the vivo y11 to your collection of smartphones.

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